Sundance / Nemesis

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'Floor-stomping filth' is what AD called Nemesis.


5 January 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Sundance (Original Mix) Jaytech 126 C major 7:14
Nemesis (Original Mix) Jaytech 127 A# major 7:23

Cayzer's sixth EP does not equal those prior.

Sundance (Original Mix)

The wrong choice for AD 01 begins, & never seems to stop. This Irukandji Syndrome never should have been made. This uliginous turpitude is straight from Tartarus. This is inhumanly excruciating.
(Also, this opens 'Lost Classics 02', despite this being not lost, & not classic either. Scum.)

Nemesis (Original Mix)

In 'direct contrast to the flipside', Nemesis is antithetic not just in mood (it is atramentous), but also quality. There is not so much a tune, but a palpable atmosphere. After the emptiness of Sundance, this looks like Groove Nova.
The title also reflects the contrariant natures. & Nemesis is addictively caliginous.
The most rayless song until Mat Zo's Land Of The Free, this also has a small bridge with upbeat simplicity- before the climax goes hypernova.
This black hole, after unnova, flourishes into unravelings upon each other, all under the arch of an infernally severe atrament.