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7 February 2011

Mix Act Duration
Sunstar (Original Mix) Mike Koglin 7:57
Sunstar (Ronski Speed Remix) Mike Koglin 6:45

The seventh of his decad is his sole solo.

Sunstar (Original Mix)

Solar describes the tune superbly. 'Sun star' also means a kind of sea star; either way, this song's exclusion from any comp is due to being released in the space between volumes. So A & B have a reason for not being complete fools.
Despite the usurption of heaven by Feint Lucifer & his Hellectrotrash, this is still a gem of 2011. Don't buy it.

Sunstar (Ronski Speed Remix)

Get this instead. The shoe-shiner Ronnie did the bare minimum, replacing the tuneless climax with a converted tuneful one, all without changing a single note. Instant classic. Koglin laid it up for him, & Speed slam-dunked it- the canorous lambence is a twisted euphony worthy of the stellar name. As with a new planet to colonise, Sunstar (RS's mix) is not just countless new opportunities, but the sweetest promises.