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3 August 2004[1]


Mix Act Key BPM Duration
Surrender (Original Mix) Tranquility Base C major 93 7:36
Surrender (Filterheadz Mix) Tranquility Base C major 130 7:13

Surrender is Tranquility Base's second song. Following up Razorfish might seem daunting, & they managed to execute that not just satisfyingly, but in style too.

Surrender (Original Mix)

Above & Beyond were ostensibly determined to blow the walls down with angelicity, since this tune is a Wolf-Rayet of alternativeness & divinity. Just how elysian Surrender is is at a euphoric, rapturous level. The tune is simplistic & extremely long contemporaneously. The structure itself is from seraphs. The cascade of dolour makes the Denmark Strait cataract[2] look like a trickle.
Surrender features the vocals of Carrie Skipper[3]. She says 'surrender'.

Surrender (Filterheadz Mix)

The Filterheadz have done some great stuff. This is not one of them.
The entire mix is just the same monotone drivel iterated.
Do not bother with this.

Surrender (Jaytech Remix)

This is from the Anjunabeats 100 celebrations, ensuring obscurity. That is extremely thankful in this case. This has no worth.

Surrender (Joonas Hahmo Remix)

This was extremely difficult to find. It was territory restricted, too, & I found it nonetheless.
Also from Anjunabeats One Hundred, this is another Anjunadeep remix. It marks Hahmo's solitary remix of Above & Beyond.
This is original, iterative, & is full of piano & the vocal sample.
The piano feels terrific, & it is his style. That is the only grace, & it saves less than Hasselhoff did on Baywatch. There is a softer part near the end, & it isn't seraphic. This remix is the best of the three, though it isn't acceptable. Don't bother with that link.