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Japanese for do or wear; Hopi for tail. Or, Turkish for heap.
by Super8 & Tab
Released 23 July 2007
Super8 & Tab chronology
Needs To Feel
(2007)Needs To Feel2007


23 July 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Suru (Original Mix) Super8 & Tab 138 C minor 9:27
Suru (Martin Roth Nu-Style Remix) Super8 & Tab 130 E major 8:28
Suru (Martin Roth Electrance Remix) Super8 & Tab 132 C minor 7:00

Super8 & Tab's fifth release is Finnish for sorrow, woe, & grief.

Suru (Original Mix)

This song was composed by seraphs, or if you're using the Judaic system, Chayot ha Kodesh. This elegant, multi-tuned epic combines a soulful smoothness with a percussive melody that is indissolubly & unconditionally meritorious of it's 'Classic' status.
& some good remixes.

Suru (Martin Roth Nu-Style Remix)

This debut is so ignominious, it makes Microsoft Dogs look worthwhile. It has no tune whatsoever. This is how they illustrate[1] it:
The B-Side, ‘Martin Roths Nu-Style Remix’ uses a ‘train-engine’ rolling baseline that grooves into an atmospherically deep, [tunefully shallow as condensation,] gritty & driving piece of progressive trance the unique mark of Martin Roth's edgy sound.
A 'train engine' is right. Though that might be better than this.

Suru (Martin Roth Electrance Remix)

Three minutes of electrotrash, followed by half a minute of the original mix, invariant except for a slightly more retro style, followed by the first three minutes, is all of the 'electrance' we ever hear from Roth.
Martin Roth made the Japanese agriculture[2] ministry, Joseph Winstead, & every sloth seem industrious with his wastes of time. Suru merits better.