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27 September 2010

Mix Act BPM Duration
Sushi (Original Mix) 7 Skies 134 7:52
Sushi (Ben Gold Remix) 7 Skies 134 6:59

As a blend of two dissimilar[1] things, this results, as blue & red did, in a new phenomenon.

Sushi (Original Mix)

Ali or not, Boldoni's gigaseism rocked it to shards. This is why he's remembered, despite his scarcity. When you bolden what you make, your creations matter more, even after years of leave. Take heed.
Sushi snaps into 2012-era electrotrash, showing how progressive he was. Here's where Hegel comes in: he had the idea of the 'thesis', which here is the electrotrash. Then there's the 'antithesis', which is an opposing force, such as Boldoni's fruity, uplifting & downlifting jingle that violesces the inviolate Volume 8. This conflict makes the 'synthesis', which is both of them combined, which here is his thundering, happy caramel storm of knives. Was Hegel right? No. Either way, 7S made a discordant sthenia, marrying a light tune with demoniac, violent bass that cracks open in the peracutest drop of 2010.

Sushi (Ben Gold Remix)

Gold meets Bold & the result is mold! How can someone show their face in public after this? Mr Lawton was abortin' his attempts to make music by the sound of it. This unimportant necrotroph hit the 'a' with a tumoritropic, decade old arm twitching with worms. Only his starving cockroach friends will enjoy this.

  1. pretty similar