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20 November 2011

Mix Act
Symmetry (Original Mix) Oliver Smith
Symmetry (7 Skies Remix) Oliver Smith

Symmetry (Original Mix)

The satisfying arrangement of a balanced distribution of the elements of a whole is not what this is: it's his (second) most purulent attempt at mainstreamdom, a particularly infectious worm wrapped in a radioactive cigarette.[1] The entire styling is flawless: the electrotrash is brash & puffing, & afterplays are godly. But even the substance is vacuous. Such a diseased fly should never have burrowed into the skin of Vol 9.

Symmetry (7 Skies Remix)

Musicians usually have two styles of remixing: the conversion to their own style (sloth, the sin), & the creative, fun way. This is Boldoni's former.
Adding a backing bassline dose nothing to soothe the pain of the maggots.

  1. aka a cigarette