Take Me Away

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23 April 2012

Mix Act
Take Me Away (Original Mix) Full Tilt
Take Me Away (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix) Full Tilt

Take Me Away (Original Mix)

Remember Timmy & Tommy from Anjunadeep 02? This is them now. G&C did very well with their 2011 song Unit 29, but they were thankfully taken away or something, because they were never heard from again after this. Gone is the effort. Any modulation in key now counts as a success, apparently. Generic slickness is no excuse to slack on the tune. The two retro deep house streams that flow within TMA would be laurels if they were fashioned into a tune with purpose instead of confusion; a definite, conclusive struggle of suffering & agitation, instead of a slanting, ruinous blotch; a clear aim instead of a guess at speculation at a hunch. Good marble, when sculpted into a statue of Adam Sandler, becomes Adam Sandler. The raw material does not matter. Teh end product is worth not a speck of blood. & none went into it.
The result of this tune is a seemingly coherent sad time, until the final stretch comes into view. I could just give a few bad adjectives, but I would prefer to describe this last part: as a train slowly slides off the rails & into a vat of rat poison & TNT, the second half of this tune gloriously melts into a caricature of surreal art, as the statue erodes away to reveal a dummy of James Franco made of chewing gum. This audacious careen into the taxidermied gut of a child shall thankfully be forgotten.

Take Me Away (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix)

Though some attention will go to it. This is in AD 04. Bayer's change was to make the huge majority unlistenable refuse, & leave a smudge in the middle where music can be heard. 2:45 to 3:45 is the only sip of shadow we get, & it is an improvement over the OM. But that is no accolade, considering how bad it is. Rather, this new cut of the old meat is just the same ten seconds on repeat, & that is no way to make a memory. I'll purge this from mine with no effort.