Tampere By Night / Radiance

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8 December 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Tampere By Night (Original Mix) Joonas Hahmo 128 C# minor 8:21
Radiance (Original Mix) Joonas Hahmo 128 A# major 7:20

Hahmo's penultimate release dichotomously demonstrated his ouvre.

Tampere[1] By Night (Original Mix)

Justifiedly included in Volume 6, TBN is rorifluent with retro plangence & sublime tenebrosity. Every electrophone elevates the Volume with volant skill, from the hibernal displays in the breakdowns, to the lamentful synth arching over the climaxing. Expounding Hahmo's usual funk, TBN gloriously exalts the city, I think; unless Tampere is atramental & brumal (though beauteous) at night.

Tampere is the 'Manchester of Finland'. 20% unemployed in July 2016. Mutual feud with the city of Turku. Twinned with Kiev, Ukraine; Guangzhou, China; Lodz, Poland; Mwanza, Tanzania; Syracuse, USA.

Radiance (Original Mix)

Antithetically, Radiance is a lie. Any glow that emanates should not be applied to toothpaste or condoms. Radiance would send maggots crawling into the ground with every larva-slurping pad. The vastitudinous languorousness only drains any pleasure you may have had- this nefandous lassitude is torturous. This is the parturition pain equivalent of boredom. Fortunately, it is easy to avoid this excrement.