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14 June 2004


Mix Act Key BPM Duration
Taurine (Original Mix) Aalto D minor 139 8:42
Taurine (Super8 Remix) Aalto D minor 138 9:32

This Finnish duo previously deployed Liquid Sweep &Rush. With this release, they eclipsed those infinitely.
Taurine, aka tauric[1] acid, is named that because it was first found from ox bile. Here's some more information from Cracked.com[2]:
'Let's take a drink like Amp, which contains caffeine, taurine & guarana. Those are the big three ingredients, along with sugar, in pretty much every single energy drink out there. You should know by now sugar gives you a quick burst of energy followed by a big downer... Sixteen ounces of Amp contains about 143 milligrams of caffeine. This seems like a lot, probably. On the other hand, an eight ounce cup of coffee is going to contain up to 175 milligrams. But Amp also has that guarana & taurine. Of course, guarana is just a plant that is full of caffeine & pretty much nothing else of note. That's where your 143 milligrams came from, but at least it contributes to what Amp does, unlike taurine. Taurine, so far as anyone can tell, doesn't do a goddamned thing.'

Taurine (Original Mix)

This is the acme of music.
The duration, the elation, the profundity, the transcendence, the gravity! This apex of ecstasy itself is the pinnacle of human achievement for all time. Unfortunately, this has only one remix.
This masterpiece has vocals & crowd effects. The tune is supplemented & complemented with hard pads, as well as a chordophone strumming individually, above the rest, just like in Alba, thanks to Super8. This time, however, it has much more involution.
The tune is simplistic, & so grand in nature & scale so as to be alien. The style of Taurine is behemothic; ultra-titanic; super-colossal. Majestic, this is beyond any other.
The first half has a lite version of the tune, then escalates to nirvana with an acutely profligate climax.
Then, it changes up! Instead of the Olympian declension, they detonate an archangelic ascension! This intra-remix strikes innermost ardently, brighter than VY Canis Majoris. This song is innovative, fervid, & ballistic.

Taurine (Super8 Remix)

This transforms the singular OM into a regular style of trance. That is all.
This layers pads over the OM, virtually. Also, the vocals are much more focused on in Miika's reshape. They appear solitarily, & neighbour the instrumentals in the climax.
By backgrounding[3] the OM copied & pasted & focusing on the new pads, this strips it of all gravitas.