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Anjunabeats Volume Six
by Michael Cassette
Released 29 November 2010

Ghost In The Machine


Crockett's Theme
Noun: the quality of being temporary.

Temporarity is Michael Cassette's only album. They'd have only two more years, & we are fortunate to have this repository of fine retro disco house.

Track listing

Disc one
1."My Name Is Michael Cassette"5:27
2."Shadows Movement"8:01
3."Crockett's Theme"7:06
4."Through The Windows"4:48
5."Magenta Sunset (Edit)"5:09
6."Ghost In The Machine"7:54
9."Kilimanjaro (Edit)"4:31
10."Carpe Diem"5:04
12."Funeralia - Farewell To David"9:48

My Name Is Michael Cassette

& don't you forget it! Great introductions to musicians spark your thirst & pique your interests, such as Mat Zo's remix of Alive, or Immortal by Alex H. This formal introduction is firmly a resignation from anything with Erkka & Matti's name on it. Listeners will bounce right off this Boeotian export rapidlier than alpha particles off lead. This water off a duck's back will not want to listen to the rest, a pity, like this dopener. The bloodless, impuissant keys move hearts smaller distances than Uluru does. A wet blanket on a never-lit fuse.

Shadows Movement

The Anjunadeep 01 conclusion deserves it's "seminal" status, although it doesn't seem radically different from their earlier work. This wasn't their first AD release either, so all credit must go to the shadows' shaking; Matti & Erkka darkened up deep trance with their ode to Dracula. The haunting of all New Caledonian graveyards combined sparklise SM with organ synth, setting themselves high & apart with their winwinnabulations. Historical, probably.

Crockett's Theme

This is the first 'retrodate' that I have come across. This song was invented in the 80s for the Miami Vice soundtrack, & usually, this is where the 21st century musician slides in & updates it. But these Finns are archaists, so it sounds brand old. What did they change? You'll need a microscope. Fluffing up your discography like a pillow is not admirable. At least there are remixes to compensate for this deoriginality.
This macropterous song is just enervated enough to not call attention to itself, like not volunteering your fake papers to the Gestapo. It's good that it eradicates itself from your memory, so that your perception of MC isn't too skewed.

Through The Windows

The first acceptable airshaker of Temporarity, TTW torrefies their period style instruments to a crispy black, hard enough to cut & soar through a Mariana of Tasmanian honey. The shaking descent & luciferous vocals put the 'tempo' in 'extratemporal', madly spraying Spanish Naga juices, so this isn't easily forgotten. Iterative yet memorable, this deserved its remixes.

Magenta Sunset (Edit)

As soul-netting as a magenta sunset, this is less impressive. MS can cause that diluted blood to stream, but not as easily as the name suggests. Iterativeness is only a slight obstacle; it is nonetheless sickly welcome, despite missing the other half.

Ghost In The Machine

This retrofuture disco idoneosity is not memorable, or special; it's just... good. The style is out of control, though: stern miasmata swirl against the playful, ephemeral tune. This is only salient for being the first AD song with a music video.


This desponding warmarch was their last AB release except Komytea songs & remixes. Their usual blend of percussive simplicity, melodic innateness, & anodyne synth is particularly unctuous here. Even their worst songs have something to make you think, if not take away. This one is their average: catchy earwyrm, all the parts play their role, from the vocal ruffling to the under riff; listening is fine, but feeling is another deal.


The second best song has zero remixes, as usual. Sing-song bravery blends with voluptuary celipotence for a mildly sanguinolent pleasance. Mere 'pleasantry' is almost insulting for Anjunabeats, however.

Kilimanjaro (Edit)

This is more of an album to listen to once than to buy, except for this track, which is for ignoring or deleting.

Carpe Diem

The clown anthems won't stop- catchiness is no virtue on its own. CD means to seize the day for improvement & work, not waste your time- we don't have much. So don't waste yours with this.


Striking no soul chords, this Hindenburg lacks the humanity needed to be acceptable.

Funeralia - Farewell To David

A sequel to David, this unrelated ideafest leads us through a dark, spiny forest puncturing us into a puplifting cornfield with unending celebration & congratulation, despite this album as a whole deserving negative that. It's shallow, but at least water's surface has tension. This might be an insult to whoever David is.[1]