Ten Minutes To Midnight

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16 March 2010

Mix Act
Ten Minutes To Midnight (Original Club Mix) Jer Martin
Ten Minutes To Midnight (7 Skies Remix) Jer Martin

"Anjuna HQ's own" Jer Martin they said. If you're going to hype a guy, at least make it one who can make his own music.

Ten Minutes To Midnight (Original Club Mix)

Because Andy Moor & Carrie Skipper made this. I assume that Jer's remix of On A Good Day was really him then, because it's cretinous. Despite all the unseen Machiavellism, this song is versute.
11:50 nearly breaks sphygmomanometers. The main tune is winterly stygophiliac, tying Gordian Mobiuses with heartstrings, incessantly ebullient; aurified by the devastatingly heartbreaking piano, adding more dimensions to this hypercube.[1]

Ten Minutes To Midnight (7 Skies Remix)

Did Boldoni do anything? Because he didn't make Caffeine. I doubt that anyone had anything to do with this, since they changed the piano to something less captivating, & kept the rest the same. Nothing to see here.