Terminal 6

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21 September 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Terminal 6 (Original Mix) Solarity 128 D# major 7:30
Terminal 6 (Anjuna Intro Edit) Solarity 128 D# major 8:01
Terminal 6 (Jaytech Remix) Solarity 128 C major 7:10
Terminal 6 (Incognet Remix) Solarity 128 D# major 6:10

The hard trance continues.

Terminal 6 (Original Mix)

A slightly shorter version of the Vol 7 mix.

Terminal 6 (Anjuna Intro Edit)

A lightless tune contrasts against the alternating beat, & an epiphanal, ephemeral climactic synth you could miss in this toboggan down Everest. The tuneful climax is the tuneless one with heavy doses of pitchblende dissolved in it. Terminal 6 could be terminal for you, since it deserves its place in Volume 7, as one of the five AD tracks. What's so Anjunadeep about T6? Nothing. It would fit perfectly in Anjunabeats. & thanks to that placement, T6, one of Solarity's most terminal successes, will be remembered.

Terminal 6 (Jaytech Remix)

Minimal rearrangement does not warrant buying, especially when we all have Vol 7 anyway.

Terminal 6 (Incognet Remix)

Denis Zynchenko's mix is just climax, but smoothed out over 6 minutes. A nice idea; but unnecessary if you have free audio editing software. So don't pay a cent, not even a Zimbabwean one.