That Much Higher / Nutclap

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Though you might like it.


17 October 2011

Mix Act
That Much Higher Matt Lange
Nutclap Matt Lange

That Much Higher

Halfway through the ennead in his second year- like Soundprank. Truly, it was an age of few/mighty lords. Or not, if Nutclap is real. Though TMH suggests he's in there, I know it. The centre has all the hallmarks of a Saturnian freak: a featherweight, tribal percussive; backing marimbalike bedshock;[1] a piano to round off the edges while glacialising them. & that's just the set-up. So how can such nonesuch beginning go wrong? The best presentation & style means nothing if it does not present anything worthwhile. The smoothly dark tone & metalesque drums, the thickest umbrage & dourest chords cannot be listenable if there is no substance to delve into. That is why he spent most of his time on highly stylised pap.


Minutes of his usual shtik. It's named Nutclap; what did you expect? There is no tune or even a slight attempt, a cake without the eggs. Or flour. Or oven. But there's plenty of vinegar, so bon appeteet.[2]

  1. bedrock
  2. It's French.