The Collaborations EP

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15 March 2011

Mix Act
Pranktech (Original Mix) Soundprank & Jaytech
The Trigger (Original Mix) Michael Cassette & Komytea
Bodywalk (Original Mix) Solarity & Stephen J Kroos
Cosmos (Original Mix) PROFF & Answer42

To celebrate not only the culmination of one hundred releases plus two albums, but for lighting up the way, an extraordinary sight was decreed. Compare this to ANJDEE300, which is also four songs, but they are from one act, & are mostly excremental.


Someone's barely relenting bass pounds us into this mixture, beginning with one of Fisher's signature piano discombobulations. More Colin flares up in the form of incongruent notes messing around in original & time-passing ways. All to tease the closest thing to the coming of the Great Pasta.
The tune they chose was astronomic, a successful example of a long repeater ending starly. Most of it is tergiversating between one entheogen & another, before finally taking both & seeing the truth. The climax is tech house mastery, the end smokefall planting another seed in the fields of Aaru. Soundjay cuoldn't have gone better.

The Trigger

You may have noticed that K & MC are the same people, Matti & Erkka. Despite repeating MC, this is more Komy, with the psychotomimetism & more stripped style rather than flashy 90s house. & the opening & predominant climaxes throughout are made of psycholeptics, the meantimes brimming with the tune.
This tune is mainly a two-part tergiversal, interhit by a rising & squalling synth. It's cavernous & jehovian enough, but this infinitoverse could be expanded. Another tragedic tune discerps at 2:50, upending the iCart, a new infernal heaven, for a second at least. After the recidivism, the tune returns, & the gaps are silenter than ever, the synths bigger, & the greatness sapped. Still pulled.


Not to be confused with bodywork, as this is more sensual & concupiscent. Nick & Alfie skipped this to work on their album, so there is no tune, just a smattering of piano, fully unbaked. The real star of Bodywalk is the soul-scraping claws sticking out your chest as the grinding soaks in. Pure style; pity about the substance.


The Batavo-Italic trio drowned out the Russian in this ordered, harmonious whole. Despite the downward trend of this EP, the nadir is still chest-high. But the Answer42 template, no matter how good a template it is, is still just a template.