The Far Side / Cloudsound

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25 January 2011

Mix Act
The Far Side (Original Mix) Soundprank
Cloudsound (Original Mix) Soundprank

Did he begin 2011, or did 2011 begin him?

The Far Side (Original Mix)

His start in Start prepared him for his two years on AD. The Far Side spiked AD 03 with his instantly identifiable voltage. Ab initio, his chords rapidly beat, the brutal army marching closer. Like Tritonal, you'll know it's him from the start, despite his constant invariance. The shadowy, thin bass bleeds into a tune that despite being weak sauce for him, is still tabasco for AD 03. Slicing the space that carries it, TFS is another psychocalculation, undoing conventions. Tears roll up your face with him.

Cloudsound (Original Mix)

Anti-hurricane defines this master of quantum galvanics: again, fractured holes[1] splinter wildly in his kaleidoscope of keys. This time, alternation within alternation alters states.

  1. sic