The Hymn

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Oldest video on the AB channel.


23 March 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
The Hymn (Original Mix) Mark Eteson & Zirenz 137 D minor 9:20
The Hymn (Activa pres. Solar Movement Remix) Mark Eteson & Zirenz 137 D minor 7:55

This debut of all three acts involved was unfortunately left in the Volume gap between 6 & 7.

The Hymn (Original Mix)

Anjunabeats irregular Mark Eteson's first appearance merits the 'a': his garnetiferous hymnody tragically has only one remix. Cat Llewelyn & Bex Hazard, collectively Zirenz, perform the platinoid vocals. What we hear, unfortunately, is all we get, because apart from the sublime breakdown & an excerpt a minute later, there's no tune to be found. Most of it is a rasp of electrotrash drier & flatter than Australia. The tune, however, offsets that entirely, despite the final breakdown having no tune.

The Hymn (Activa pres. Solar Movement Remix)

This is all that they have to say about this:
& so it turns to Robert ‘Activa’ Stevenson for the remixing honours as he switches to his Solar Movement alias to fashion an equally energetic reinterpretation that locks the emotive elements of the original into a more orthodox trance sound. Amusingly, this is accurate: he has done nothing but convert it to orthodox trance. Which is a massive service to all of us. Tempo & key remain static; but the climax is nectarious. Thank you Activa, for your minimal effort.