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27 April 2010

Mix Act
The Lost (Original Mix) Mat Zo
The Found (Original Mix) Mat Zo

From Superman Lost came two progenies, Superman, & The Lost.

The Lost

From the first second, this affirms its legendary status. Zohar's ultra-individualism outclassed all others: fireworks of maximalist syncretics, sliding & dipping around in one of Zohar's inexhaustible[1] idiocentricities. & it's barely begun.
As if it weren't heteroclite enough, the electrotrash, still a futurist idea per se, is completely out-of-place, along with the rest of The Lost- semperjuvenescence inordinately contrasts with the contemporaneous trance. Its hardline aeriality, coupled with the seductive melodicism, makes this Andromeda-level alienism.
We get no parachute for the first drop into the thermosphere. This tune, adapted from Superman Lost, is an idiorhythmic departure from SL, only similar under close investigation, yet mind-thunderingly warning of Zohar's talent. A seventeen-way mirror into glaciogeny, The Lost ramps us up through an extended anticipatory roller, then battering rams the coaster into us in an invariably psychotogenic, auratedly confusing, smooth, yet omnipotently harsh drop that breaks my heart, & all my senses.
The climax is a global rainbreak upon golden ground: the electrism cracks & crackles from beyond the west horizon to past the east with imbricated instruments & their mellitic tunes. TL uses all of its nine minutes for an unimaginably soul-glazing shock.

That's how it could have gone.

But instead, this was made by Thomas Bronzwaer.

The Found

Unrelated to SL, TF is an odd upbeatness, even without the pairing with such a downbeatness. Despite this, it retains Matan's superluminosity in multiple ways.
The trash is reverberant & elastic, so it's given its own space to bounce again & again. Vocal cuts sing an unfeeling tune, so where is the value? Split between the electrotrash & a cloud-topping, ambitious hymnody that conveys all the glaciousness that the Shapes-style vocals don't.
But what really shines is the electrism. Even during the happy/hymnal climax, it's always contrarian, obumbrating the happy-go-yucky rainbows & puppies of the vocals, & even the hymn. The crown is the afterplay, where it gets free rein[2] to turn from the light & burn.
Altogether, this EP is another monument.

  1. till 2016
  2. sic