The Promise

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19 July 2004


Mix Act Key BPM Duration
The Promise (Original Mix) Rusch & Murray A# major 136 7:37
The Promise (Ronski Speed Remix) Rusch & Murray G minor 140 8:44

The Promise is Rusch & Murray's second, & final Anjunabeats release. Their first, Epic, has a unique, alternative style, as does this.

The Promise (Original Mix)

Half of this is styrofoam, mere birdsong-laced piano roaming, as time-wasting as the set-up to any good murder mystery, before spontaneously cracking into Hyde. The tune jumps back & forth between opposite sides of the universe, tan waves becoming tsunamis of pitch, the previously anaesthetic piano now the murder weapon, culprit, & motive. Extra synth dovetails in, providing yet another eidolon of a perspective.
It is a pity that Rusch & Murray made little more. Their innovation was one of their resounding skills.

The Promise (Ronski Speed Remix)

Unfortunately, TP has only one remix.
At 3:39, the magic is cast: new piano breezes in, more suavely than the sirocco, trekking upwards, resurrecting the electronic vibes from earlier to save us all. Ronski's debut is sickly brilliant in a particular way, pleasing differently; less; but welcome enough to buy.