The Subway EP

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29 March 2011

Mix Act
N To Brooklyn (Original Mix) Beckwith
F To Manhattan (Original Mix) Beckwith

His entrance in Fracture is interminate. Let's see if his first OMs could keep the pace.

N To Brooklyn

A concept EP! Hens' teeth. These two songs, like Rush by Mat Zo, are designed around train rides. It's personal for this New Yorker. This grooves AD 03 around because of the umpteen chapters it rolls through, all the while grinding bass & whittling synth harder than AB did at the time. This train ride has little tune to wreak of, instead shining in the electrotechnofunk, belting about, whipping, & thoroughly walloping around. A gift to AD 03, not a blemish.


F To Manhattan

While darker, this has as much tune as N2B. Sadly, there's much less bass-twisting & electroflipping as well. So N2B was definitely the better choice for AD 03.