The Taxi Driver

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Penetralia mentis.


3 August 2010

Mix Act BPM Duration
The Taxi Driver (Original Mix) Andrew Bayer 128 9:19
The Taxi Driver (Jaytech Remix) Andrew Bayer 126 7:09

Bayer's third AD single in his massive riskography is another of his astrobentholiths.

The Taxi Driver (Original Mix)

Bayer never narcotised harder. All parts of this mesmerising hadohypnosis are dsitilled, then distilled again at Core temperatures for as much memorability as humanly musterable. Melody #1 is a reverb-electrofunk post-futurist invinist-suprematist-constructivist impanist-transcendentist soul-germinator, like all that he does. TTD doesn't so much fill up memory in the brain as awaken something we're born with. It's irresistibler than the Florida State University magnet. & he does this to us not once, but twice in the first minute. Then they profloresce next to another of his entheogenetic basslines.
Melody #3 is his bathyscaphe, the most alpinist & frantic semitune. The limits of unforgettability are erased with this. Oh, Vol 8 deserved this. Then the tune blooms.
This Acheron drip shatters enough in se, but coupled, tripled & quadrupled with the semitunes, Bayer once again demonstrated the power of taking good care of the hupokeimenon, the centre, & the synthesis. De profundis, The Taxi Driver.
For ninety seconds. Then it retreats, to return in greater numbers with a new semitune, an explosive, superplosive conflux.

The Taxi Driver (Jaytech Remix)

Cayzer inviscated inside & out with his gradiating sorcery, his mix being mostly funked funk with the same semitunes. A note shift fires us up & away before we hear his thermosphere departure, his Penrose tridecagon unfolding from 3:48 to 5:04. The beat antediluvian, all moderacy terminated, dimensions collapsing in on each other; Cayzer avalanched hard.