The Time Machine EP

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Unlike HG Wells, Fisher never plagiarised.


19 September 2011

Mix Act
The Time Machine (Original Mix) Soundprank
Beginnings (Original Mix) Soundprank
Timespan (Original Mix) Soundprank

The Time Machine

AD Fisher was more proliferous. His 2011 is bigger & better than his 2013-6 combined, though he sound engineers for many projects such as ads & video games. I prefer his earlier work to mere corporate junk, however. TTM exemplifies his Mauna Kea, deep peak rising into the abyss. Most of this is purposeless meandering, but even then he creates: his ever-psycholic playfulness abounds & leaps, along with a taste of the Gomorrah to come. Then at 3:29, we are thrust.
Into the deep, his ice piano meets the jungle for a minute & fifteen seconds before returning. That trip was a descent into the stars, unearthliness magniplied & multified when the piano air skates, pausing to ponder & welcome the violin before breaking into the strangest, antiorthodoxest moment in Anjunabeats. Nothing hits like an out-of-place kickdrum. Out-of-place fossils don't have this confusion.


Who can say what these are? Oval? Infantile? Material? Beginnings answers none of this in a more involved dirge than TTM. His own start was remixing Start, so this continuity is no repeat, it's another newism. On this one, his piano angioidly repeats in waves, the figuration (2. mixture of concords & discords) irian & iracund. If the anger doesn't stir you, the weightless dreaminess will.


Taking simple parts & fusing them into life, abiogenesis is a long, slow process complexer than a lightning bolt. For an expert's take, turn to the next timological venture, 7:19. This has its extratemporal moments, the biggest being 4:29-5:00: after the usual prolonged, shadowed oddity, an entheogenic key metals on, slightly rising at the end, making that trek worth it for the biblical, god's eye view of the transpanse that is this breakdown. It dissonances the cognition so well because it breaks with the previous dalliances, which pale in their comparatively light darkness to this Mosaist revelation.