The Wonder

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11 October 2010

Mix Act Duration
The Wonder (Original Mix) Arty 7:38
The Wonder (Nitrous Oxide Remix) Arty 8:07

900 day wonder.

The Wonder (Original Mix)

After the useless electrotrash, Arty unwraps his blueprint for his first hierophany, a piano glacioeustasy that concludes into a preterist, ineffable synth that drags the mind backward & forward slantwardly. Its three-point involute involution whirligigs into a Wonkaesque helicoid of black tears. The climax is the tonitruous skyrip we needed. His frozen psilocybin was right for Vol 8.

The Wonder (Nitrous Oxide Remix)

Without changing the OM tune, how can Pretkiewicz improve this at all? By adding a Morphean pair of echoes to liquidise the brain into the new electrotrash. & it eccentricates unstoppably.
The Pole's antipsychotolytic hypercurrent is the most brazenly jagged earworm he ever made. Thankfully, this is a percurrent too, because if his habit of letting the saws sing the tune. This works wonders, alongside his new alternating beeps, & a rising, suspenseful trance tension to complete the torsion. Wonder workers all around, this EP is sundered by the futurist serration.