These Shoulders

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1 September 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
These Shoulders (Original Mix) The Signalrunners 128 G minor 9:56
These Shoulders (Club Mix) The Signalrunners 128 G minor 7:40
These Shoulders (Oliver Smith Remix) The Signalrunners 134 G minor 6:51
These Shoulders (Paul Wicked Remix) The Signalrunners 128 G minor 7:51
These Shoulders (Bart Claessen Big Room Mix) The Signalrunners 128 G minor 8:09

These Shoulders (Original Mix)

A ten-minute romp is how it should always be. Here, this has allowed for rather eccentric verse-construction, the circumflexion of electrotrash, a long, tense build-up, & an eye-of-the-storm climax. Are you swimming in the rain, or your tears?
Disappointingly, the synopsis brags about similarity to 'Portishead'. This malignant prostitution must end- this music right here is good! There's no need to mention popular trash! Have some faith in Andrew Bayer.

These Shoulders (Club Mix)

This is no club mix. This is simply an edit. The electrotrash is copied & pasted, as is everything else. I would not be surprised if the solitary reason that this was made was because you can't hear any of the climax of the OM on[1] Beatport.

These Shoulders (Oliver Smith Remix)

Charging through the hail comes a knight in gleaming armour, here to give us the supremest mix of this EP, making the choice for inclusion in Volume 6 very sagacious. However, the 'Club Mix' is also included, as a bonus track. Why? To give 99% of the These Shoulders experience. & this is 98% right here.
Paucity doesn't faze the temulentive originality. Semper fidelis was their bread.

These Shoulders (Paul Wicked Remix)

Whoever this is thankfully disappeared. Never seen again. Have you seen this man? If you have, keep quiet.
"I feel your pain"? I doubt that she ever heard this.

These Shoulders (Bart Claessen Big Room Mix)

Wicked's mix is moving compared to Claessen's. This is stunning. The climax is worthless! Even Wicked did something strange & remarkable with his climax: it's tuneful, though substantially subdued. Meanwhile, Claessen can't offer anything original either.

These Shoulders (Andy Moor Remix)

This obscurity from 10 Years Of Anjunabeats is nothing more than a typical failure from that compilation. This 2011 waste is simply a stylistic update. Avoid this.