Thing Called Love

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This has more remixes than any other Anjunabeats song except Satellite.


11 June 2011

Mix Act
Thing Called Love (Extended Mix) Above & Beyond 8:05
Thing Called Love (Club Mix) Above & Beyond 7:47
Thing Called Love (Extended Radio Mix) Above & Beyond 6:57
Thing Called Love (Mat Zo Remix) Above & Beyond 8:32
Thing Called Love (Oliver Heldens Remix) Above & Beyond 5:12

Balneotherapy for the soul.

Thing Called Love (Extended Mix)

Music is meant to blind with distress. Vocals are meant to ingrain, not by earworms, but with woes, though I do like woahs. TCL slams you into the mood with the same fuscous note hitting away at misery, the sole note using its solitude to convey the vocals & their lyrics as well. Bedford & his tenderness raw up the piano, both elegiac orthophonies on the climactic trance, a luminescent album-warmer.

Thing Called Love (Music Video)

They stepped out of the shadows well for this one: A & B play a local band who play at the location the video centres on. The camera condescendingly lingers on McGuinness, even though it would have been great & subtle to just leave them like Wally. A man is chased by the Pommie mafia while a waitress gets sexually harassed. Good, the lives of the proles; we need that. The Man tries to get to her, & gets past a future pope, but is caught by the thugs. Much better than their other videos. But the crowd should have been more into it.

Thing Called Love (Behind-the-Scenes of the Music Video)

Ferry[1] Gouw[2] directed,[3] & thus we must hear him prate on his ideas: "The song seems to be about not regretting not saying all the stuff that you're supposed to say to someone that you love." McGuinness's concurs: "a young man who has been in love with somebody for a long time but he's never done anything about it." They go on about how she doesn't know, but they seem to already be close- she treats him like a guardian angel. Paavo's recurring theme dream is 'hoping'. "It's not about us" TG strongly insists, as if we care; "We got some of our real fans in the audience, & they seem to be enjoying it!" Really? The end joke was pissant.

Thing Called Love (Club Mix)

This is similar & credibly inferior to the Extended Radio Mix, so move on.

Extended Radio Mix

The OM has nanism, a revelation brought only by this. After club mixing the club mix for the Radio Mix, someone realised that this was way better than anything else, so they made this, & made bliss.
The Mandala-level attention to the subatomic level will hook, line, & sink you to ultrawilderment. Don't skip a picosecond- it's like they switched out the producer every three seconds. Electric & bosonic sorcery constantly leads us to other Wonderlands, & that's all before the bludgeoning drop at 1:40. It's just started.
This disassociates itself from the other mixes & reality with a tune from the psychosphere vibraciously blasting. There is no higher pleasure. The climax has gaps for the vocoder. The rolling, round bassline is platinum per se, then it unites with the tune. There's a 'clap clap'. What more could humankind do?
There's something else. In the second climax, other vocals reshape "Your love isn't wasted" & "Live life just once" from discographic to aurographic declarations of theosis. Oh, there's more.
The postlude comes after a tense acclivity, & when that rope breaks, the lugduname spills into everything. Athanatism rings.[4]

Thing Called Love (Mat Zo Remix)

Zohar chose a floral trance style that fit his MO: ignore everything, break new Martian ground. He starts off for the poles with clicking, stringing vocals, & an oddly uplifting tune. Like other uplifting trance, this is terdiurnal ineffervescence, so he switches it out for refined crepuscule, which also does not make a song. Then the upthrift returns to get its own climax, a bovine drip that never comes to mind when I think of him. The only bonus was the Hatecraftian blend they mould at the end. If Mat Zo can't make it sweet, then don't give it to a dozen other people.

Thing Called Love (Oliver Heldens Remix)

The most overremixed, unfairly treated, privileged song in Anjuna history received yet another visit in 2020, & this was a kick to the face. A simple modernisation would be greatly appreciated for any florid song from 2000-2013, yet they chose to bestow their controlledly rare aggrobass upon this hyperretouched beneficiary of a ditty. So many AD songs could have benefited from this, but it went to this overattended recipient. This is barely just a conversion to a different style of music. OH turned in the same song, but with bassier features. There is no substantial difference. it is possible to do much good with little work, but this time, they marked a grave insult, depriving more deserving songs of attention.