Through The Windows

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1 March 2011

Mix Act Duration
Through The Windows (Original Mix) Michael Cassette 4:48
Through The Windows (Marcus Maison Remix) Michael Cassette 6:54
Through The Windows (Stephen J Kroos Remix) Michael Cassette 8:31
Through The Windows (Gerhard Saturnus Remix) Michael Cassette 6:09
Through The Windows (John B Remix) Michael Cassette 6:02

The last few things they had to do before Matti left included cleaning up the last singles of Temporarity.

Through The Windows (Original Mix)

The sweetest chapter of Temporarity is lucky to have so many remixes. It earnt them with electroluminescence not seen in lightning, from the base tune, to the bells blood-raining down, & the vocals sublevating it all to high firmaments. Their synth cuts & melodies propel this Molotov through bulletproof glass.

Through The Windows (Marcus Maison Remix)

Mr. House decided to flatten the tune, & take the point out of the synths. His repetitive barbarity is a faulty copy of the OM. There are three more attempts.

Through The Windows (Stephen J Kroos Remix)

Kroos Generator #47866 (at last count) worked like it was supposed to, like painting eyes on eyelids. This doesn't even have the bounce of some of his tuneless spirals.

Through The Windows (Gerhard Saturnus Remix)

This is his only credit to anything. I assumed that he switched to a stage name, but apparently not. His remix is a constant, cautious accline that mildly amuses, while slipping back into invariant uselessness, just as the tune slips back down to C. Not even a gruff bass can deflect from the futility.

Through The Windows (John B Remix)

With his BPM of 87, fantastical hair, & lye-flavoured fingers, John B is definitely the best, saved for last. He reflected the tune 179°, adding more notes, & dropping this Uluru into the Phillipine Trench, darkness enveloping rapidly in this speedy improvement. JB deroofed heaven.