Tiny Black Circles / Longwayupdown

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4 December 2011

Mix Act
Tiny Black Circles Solarity
Longwayupdown Solarity

Tiny Black Circles

The first of this pentad is its caprinest. Boorish & boring, this particular pedicular steams ahead through long crowds, the Mauthausen of sound. Ear purgatory never was this ecclesiastical.[1]


While Dusky was scooping water onto their sinking ship, Solarity set fire to theirs. This is the first of a two-parter that stretches across years. This is the part where we wish it would feel like it.
Nestled inside Sisyphus' mountains, vigorously lies a battle of dreams. The superjacent synth is drunken acedia, beginning & ending in an opioid stupor. To wash out the taste of gutter, pay attention to the hindgrounded angel recitals: simpler & quadripartite, this arrangement spikes up at the start, & trails off further on, but that start is puncturing, especially as a backlash to the main rectal soup.