Transport / Offset

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Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Transport (Original Mix) Anhken 132 B minor 7:10
Offset (Original Mix) Anhken 128 B major 7:22

His final release before his memorable hiatus, this elevates Anjunabeats thermospherically.

Transport (Original Mix)

Following up First Division was an easy task. That is excremental. It's tantamount to a Abbott being replaced by Turnbull. People are glad that the old is gone, not because the successor is great. It isn't. But Anhken nonetheless intensified his skillset & produced this.
The electrotrash is the singularly progressive. There's nothing like it from this era. We're drop-kicked into an obvolute tech fray before the tune breakdown. A psychotic tune is phantasmally unveiled. Then the drop falls from heaven.
Geminating the phantasm with the trash is a unique experience, even on Anjunabeats. The closest is Nitrous Oxide. This wouldn't be his last ambrosial outing.

Offset (Original Mix)

But it would have to be solitary for the time being. Offset is platitudinous pabulum. It thankfully isn't difficult to avoid. The worst part[1] is the synopsis. They brag about how it: lulls you into a false sense of peace with a well constructed melody before punching you with one of the heaviest basslines you will hear this summer.

  1. Transport actually lulls you into that state. Offset does not do that at all.
  2. The bassline is actually rather light. Transport has much heavier bass.
  3. The melody/tune is prosaic. Again, Transport does it much better.

So is Offset a travesty of Transport? No, it's just vacuous.