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by Above & Beyond
Released March 6, 2006
Length 60:14
Above & Beyond chronology
Tri-State Group Therapy
(2011)Group Therapy2011

Above & Beyond's debut is a celestial accolade of trance. Most of the songs in this were released as singles, fortunately.
According to Wikipedia:
There are a number of areas in the 48 contiguous United States known informally as tri-state areas. Often, a tri-state area is an area associated with a particular town or metropolis that lies across three states. Some, but not all, of these involve a state boundary tripoint. This great namesake is fluid in definition.
This is purely deiform. Tri-State is one of the few albums to get a remix LP.


2."Stealing Time"7:11
3."World on Fire"4:44
4."Air For Life" (with Andy Moor)7:27
5."Can't Sleep"7:23
7."Liquid Love"6:42
8."In the Past"2:28
9."Alone Tonight"6:23
10."Good For Me"5:42
11."For All I Care"5:50


In this case, the title track is also the opener. This instrumental was not released as a single. As is the case with every song in this, Tri-State is ephemeral. Four minutes of panthalassic piano & vocals are great to name the album after, & open.

Stealing Time

This full-length song completely deserves its acoustic mix, which is better than can be said for some. Richard Bedford's exquisite vocal mastery & the slow pace of the tune itself, alongside emotive declensions, make this an unmissable emotional rampage.
Unfortunately, this was never released as a single.

World on Fire

This is more caliginous than the preceding. With more bass, three different kinds of vocal cuts, & a bonus tune from halfway in, this is as stupendous as the rest of this accolade.

Air For Life

Air For Life has nice stretches of electrotrash, interspersed with a brumal tune not unworthy of all the acclaim. In the climax, the electrotrash participates in making this more splendorous. Carrie Skipper contributes her most in her vocalisations. This is progressive trance at a theopneust level.

Can't Sleep

It is no surprise that this was so remixed. It is the sublimest of pleasures. The dolour is so perfectly handled! This in no way can have too much praise. I can barely see for all the tears. This completely merits its acoustic mix. Fervent brume, asperous raylessness... this is the acme.


As with much of Tri-State, this is creative, plaintive, orgastic piano. The tribalistic vocals atmospherically exalt this.
Despite being only four & a half minutes long, this still finds the time to waste it with a pointless tuneless midsection.
Hope is homogeneous, though it has a nice touch in the 'climax'.

Liquid Love

With the gemination of ephemerality & quinvigintillion RW[1] Cepheis of power that Aalto's Taurine demonstrated, this is essential. Bedford is priceless, as always. Unfortunately, as with Stealing Time, this was never released as a single.
Everything about this is paradisiacal: that tune & the vocal mastery equal an alien, psychedelic adventure. Fortunately, this has some remixing.

In The Past

Two & a half minutes of slow, dolorous piano bring some restless peace to this journey. Nothing fantastical.

Alone Tonight

Finally, Bedford's daedal celestialness was explored in remixes!
Forget Air For Life. Forget Hope. Please forget In The Past. Forget World On Fire. This is not just the star of Tri-State, nor Anjunabeats. This is the paramount achievement of Earth.
This, as with All Over The World & Sun & Moon, has an extended once-per-album seraphic lamentation.
The vocals & tune exceed even the previous expectations, even based on this album solitarily.

Good For Me

What better way to follow up the best song ever, than with an enervation that sounds & feels straight from the mainstream. & sell out, they did quite effectively: this, or rather, the identical club mix, won A State Of Trance Tune Of[2] The Year 2006, despite having no tune nor care at all. This advened pile of dreck is best forgotten, & relegates Tri-State to second best/worst A & B album.
This definitely did not deserve to see the light of day, let alone remixes.

For All I Care

These six minutes are a fine pleasure: the most garage they've been, this is a creative confederation of styles & instruments.


Australia's indigent neighbour is complimented in this atrabilious amalgamation of piano & orthodox trance, which describes the rest of Tri-State. Nothing outstanding here. The largest archipelagic country would nonetheless be glad of this.


Tri-State closes as it opened, & sporadically interjected: with a more supernal direction in the theanthropic dichotomy. Thank you for all of your effort, Hannah Thomas.
There is no trance electrotrash in this: it slides concinnously & lubriciously into foudroyant temulency. Every second of this oozes intoxicating rapture. It is fortunate that this has as many remixes as it does.
It ends, & then plays an unrelated science-fiction note. Playfulness is unfortunately rare.