Trust Me

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Trust me, you should purchase this.


4 June 2005

Mix Act Duration
Trust Me (Original Mix) Lucas & Beltram 8:43
Trust Me (Ava Mea Mix) Lucas & Beltram 8:04

Lucas & Beltram are a duo comprised of Jeroen R. Beltman[1] & Martijn F. Endenburg also known as Varian. They ostensibly run a label named Mantide Records. Mantide[2] is Italian for mantis. They are Italian.

Trust Me (Original Mix)

This establishes the tune early on. Trust Me is an immensely placid, assuasive masterpiece. Everything about trust Me, from the tempo to the genre, fits to the absolutest to make this a dulcifluous, hadalpelagic classic.
Violins grace the tune lead-up. The climax features monumental vocal effects ascending the atmosphere to the tangibility of lonsdaleite.
Wisely included in Volume 3, this 9 minute long paragon climaxes with the tune intensified, & adjunctive percussives that unfortunately don't help at all except for some slight raw energy.
This is genuinely in the crop of the best of melodic trance.

Trust Me (Ava Mea Mix)

Ava Mea, birth name Galen Behr, is the sole remixer of Trust Me. The Dutchman gave a playful, laidback remix along the exact lines of Yuksek's remix of 'DNA' by Empire Of The Sun. Yes, it's that good.
The tune lead-up is the OM copied & pasted, with some synth indicating the impending. The climax begins low, then detonates with higher & higher heights! This is as close to disco a mix can get without being an amalgamation/disco. Another invaluable classic.