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Divinest pleasure!


9 November 2006

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Ultraviolet (Original Mix) Mike Koglin & Mark Pledger 137 E minor 7:41
Ultraviolet (Phatjak Remix) Mike Koglin & Mark Pledger 130 E minor 7:59

This is the first of two collaborations between Koglin & Pledger. Released soon after the last of Smith & Pledger, White / Black, this exemplifies Pledger's next steps. There weren't many on Anjunabeats.

Ultraviolet (Original Mix)

This is the most atramental, empyreal, orgastic slice of crushing dolour in universal history.
Everything about this is divinest. The monolithic power of this yottagiant dwarfs all else.
Unfortunately, only two minutes are devoted to the tune.
It is transmundane to the very end. It begins three minutes & 21 seconds in: a sweeping retro atmosphere with vocal cuts & an illimitably messianic synth form a tune so captivating, so soul-shredding, that it gives the feeling of being cubed, cubic centimetre by cubic centimetre, in the span of two minutes, at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, & slipping through the crust when the climax explodes.
Words can convey nothing of this euphoria. No drug, no person, no amount of money can amount to the ecstasy of Ultraviolet.

Ultraviolet (Phatjak Remix)

So of course, they gave it a solitary remix.
& they gave it to an unqualified duo comprised of Athenians (brace yourself) Evangelos Klimakis & Vangelis Kostoxenakis, who run 'Neon[1] Records', which has five releases, including one[2] from 1980. The most recent is from 2003, which explains the archived websites of theirs. Contact these morons at PO box 70828 Voula, Athens, & remember, just because your name is Vangelis, that doesn't mean that you are a good musician, or a musician of any kind.
This mix is fit for distracting you from the screams of the dying, & nothing else. However, it isn't even effective at that. It's vapid in every way. This isn't interesting to listen to. It's just repulsive dross.
Why was this accepted? This is horrid to the final aspect. Nothing about this is even slightly appealing. Best of Anjunabeats Deep Trance 02 this is not. Well, at least the OM is included in Volume 4.