Under The Wire

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2 July 2012

Mix Act Duration
Under The Wire (Original Mix) Oliver Smith 7:01

His last AD track before taking the name Meramek, 'UTW' means 'in the nick of time'. This also plumped up AD 04, in the wave of deep funk house AD saw at the time. Yet, when Smith returned as Meramek in 2013, the trappings of deep house had shifted again, to the acoustical graspability of the later AD. But this will remain everemerald. The husk of this coconut is rougher than usual, a funk bounce-rhythm with the face-paint of fun. The inedible hardness is even more excruciating when it has a smiley face painted on it, but this bounce has no gripping edge, no satisfying filling. This can be edited out with free software, such as Audacity.
The inside of the nut is what we are all after. The juice has its own fulfilling plumpness, the smell outwhelming senses & rebooting the brain from 2:45, the soft flesh massaging the teeth in OS's downcast love letter & consummation with misery, capturing a paragnotic blend of wistfulness, antijoy, & despair. These two blend as well as seaweed & glass, so throw one away.