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ADD002 or ANJDIG001[1]

6 November 2005[2]

Song Artist Key BPM Duration
Unforgiven (Original Mix) DJ Tab A minor 135 8:06

This was released on AnjunaDigital. That is piteous, considering how difficult it is to buy, though it was just that special. & it really is.
Unforgiven is the best of more than melodic trance. Unforgiven is DJ Tab offering a preview of what was to come. Unforgiven is illimitably ambrosial.
The tune is inestimably original & lugubrious. The tune intro is flawless synth. The pads for the melody are imponderably not just complimented, but matched by the other electrophones.
The obscurity[3] makes it difficult to find. But do whatever you must do to have this song.