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Hi Anjuna. I like Anjunabeats and I like your name, how it sounds like Arjuna a bit. Your word choice is cool. I can help make information too if you want! My name is Xyrku.

Thanks, Xyrku. I write for personal enjoyment, & to catalogue a specific music label. Eventually I'll rewrite everything. The English language has countless oddities, & I am trying to find as many as I can.

Hello Anjuna, can't say how awesome it was to randomly come across your freelance anjuna wiki. The closest thing I'm aware of to epigrammatic reviews on +10-year electronic music specifically released by a certain UK-based electronic music label of the early 2000's is maaaybe discogs. And even that is incomplete. It's like coming across the Anthony Fantano[1] of electronic music, if that were a thing in some alternate universe. Anyway keep doing what you're doing! Roman

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