Velvet Morning (Remixes)

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'Euphonic' is accurate.


3 February 2004

The original mix was released on Kyau & Albert's label, Euphonic. That is why it was not included in this.
Until 2006, Kyau & Albert were Kyau vs. Albert.

Title Act Duration
Velvet Morning (Mirco de Govia Remix) Kyau vs. Albert 8:39
Velvet Morning (Aalto Remix) Kyau vs. Albert 8:18

The OM is from their 2004 album 'Here We Are Now'. It is caliginous & seraphic. K&A's interview[1] about it reveals that they spoke in "fantasy English", which explains what a 'velvet morning' is. They're Deutsch, remember.

Velvet Morning (Mirco de Govia Remix)

Kyau & Albert have remixed Mirco de Govia at least three times. Mirco de Govia's remix is purely a trance conversion. & it is welcome! Velvet Morning would have needed this even if it wasn't original, which it is. This was released on[2] Euphonic, & I can see why this was also released on Anjunabeats.

Velvet Morning (Aalto Remix)

P.O.S. & Super8 brought forth some of their 'Resolution' level talent for this. Only some.
This is intensely, mellifluously nemorous, though unappetising. The second climax has stupendous piano, however. It's immensity isn't large enough to save this uninnovative offering.