Venice Beach

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18 January 2010

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Venice Beach (Original Mix) Daniel Kandi 136 C minor 6:55
Venice Beach (Lifted Mix) Daniel Kandi 136 C minor 7:25
Venice Beach (Estiva Remix) Daniel Kandi 130 C minor 8:20
Venice Beach (Yuan Remix) Daniel Kandi 129 C minor 7:43

Being included in a volume is not the highest honour.

Venice Beach (Original Mix)

Semicentennials are often smaller spectacles than centennials, but they are invariably theriomorphs anyway. Venice has beaches, & so do we: Kandi's antepenultimate constitutive shows most of his stylistic ken, & all of his substance.
First & last, the prog trash is lautitious enough to be its own song, always a luculent sign. Making me sorry to see this Dane leave,[1] Venice Beach is more like Milan beach. Ultimately it's Switzerland beach, with its macroseismic foudroyance; refined entheogens of Acheron pouring in, & again, the outro is behemothic. 150 deserved this.

Venice Beach (Lifted Mix)

This is the most unwarranted EM ever: one more minute. Truly, lifted.

Venice Beach (Estiva Remix)

Practising for 2016, Steve gave an atypically chilled rendition of the OM. Slower, percussive, relaxed... it has it all, except a reason to listen to it.

Venice Beach (Yuan Remix)

Our only Chinese artist ever is also our smooth-funkiest. This mix couldn't be more hydrophobic. The first half is dark deep trance[2], which leads into the OM's hype melody being MacGyvered into a tenebrose tarab[3], like a coffin into a speedboat.[4] Mister Franc Peso Kronerrand mastered dolour for this epic epopee. Zloty, won, ruble, yen, rupee, lira, cordoba.

  1. though his label, always alive recordings, justifies it
  2. another example: Gai Barone
  3. Arabic for musical thrill
  4. Yes, this happened.