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17 December 2012

Mix Act Duration
Vision Mike Koglin & 7 Skies 7:10

These liquidspinners set the tungsten bar & melted it. MK & Boldoni smoked the foundations of the diapason when they spun this. Their entire electroberserk is the smoothest liquid music has ever felt. Its surface can be stroked, so warm & thick; & plunging into it is to leave acceptable heart rates behind. This was their last for both of them, so for their final release, they kicked it to high gear & to pieces. The title is more about seeing a holy apparition than seeing out of our teared up eyes. The electrospanse is a forest of their most gratisfying twangs & electrocuting buzzes. This miracle playground kills: it's a high-charged voltafest, & the atmosphere is laid back & forgiving. This nitrofuelled placidity is another rose in the AB 10 bouquet, placed penultimately. The foretaste edges it up a bit, giving a dry run of the magnetic soup we'll swim in. Then they rip the doors off the submarine, so we can sink faster & surer.
2:39 is the wall between us & superhumanscendence shattering into melting flakes. First, we wade through the crepuscular flight of tranquil, relatively undirected ghostwoods. Each second makes life well spent. That's even before the Pacific parts at 3:12, revealing the bare bones of a god. When struck, they refill anything you could be missing inside. It reunites at 3:27, raising up a beat & the vasa-filling vocals, introducing the murder weapon, light, titanic piano, simply giving a couple of notes every so often, but crushing Pacifically with each one. Poised pricelessly, this hyperflagrates anything we could expect from a person. Make no mistake: Vision is an Everest made of platinum rhodide, the peak of what falls under human 'achievement'. Sadly, this plain of subliming wizardry is a brief trip to Andromeda, since it is stragically cut short by a return to the previous peacetronics. It never returns, a prodigal one that never comes. RIP.