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From https://www.anjunabeats.com/music/ANJ001D
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1 June 2000[1]

From https://www.anjunabeats.com/music/ANJ001D

This is the inception of inceptions. Like me, you probably expected a seraphic wonder worthy of the highest masters, especially since what came after is so spectacular.
Anjunabeats the artist is Above & Beyond minus McGuinness.


Title Act Duration
Volume 1 (Original Mix) Anjunabeats 7:22
Volume 1 (Tease Dub) Anjunabeats 6:33
Volume 1 (Above & Beyond Remix) Anjunabeats 7:48
Volume 1 (Free State vs. Dirt Devils Remix) Anjunabeats 6:21
Volume 1 (Anjuna Deep [sic] Mix) Anjunabeats 8:46

Volume 1 (Original Mix)

The OM is not great. It isn't atrocious, & it has a good tune, but it's nothing worth paying much for. It's really different in tone to everything that follows. It is uplifting trance.

Volume 1 (Tease Dub)

The Tease Dub was made to tease Anjunabeats. That's it. Please do not pay for this. It is just the instrumentals of the OM without any of the tune.

Volume 1 (Above & Beyond Remix)

This is the OM copied & pasted with violins added. There is also a great part where everything changes & we just hear simple electrotrash. The drums & samba-style beat are very nice effects as well. With this, there is no reason to buy the OM.

Volume 1 (Free State vs. Dirt Devils Remix)

With two A & B guises converging on another, this is sure to be great. It isn't. It's just the OM put through a slight effect, with small percussive reverbs. The electrotrash in the middle is the same as from the Above & Beyond remix.

Volume 1 (Anjuna Deep [sic] Mix)

This is by far the best thing to arise from this: this is not only better, this is captivating as well. This finds levels of psychedelia not rediscovered by Above & Beyond until Save Me.
& yes, this has a strange release tied to it: ANJ003, Volume One (Remixes).