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14 January 2013

Mix Act Duration
Wayfarer[1] Audien 6:00

Nathaniel Rathbun stepped into existence & slipped on a serrated knife. His debut soaked the stench of removed bowl worms into his name. Wayfarer takes it out of the dead stonefish's rectum he left it in & gives it a good coat of respectability. Eventide / Unity was a vile insult to anyone who can enjoy music. Wayfarer deserves its place in Vol 10[2].
Audien's own style peaked here & now. The deepest base for this Burj Mia Khalifa is his echoing piano Karakoram, ghost hurricanes floating through the air, as tall as the length from Jupiter's core to the biggest whale brain. Alongside this spectral tsunami, the bounciest, most pinchable strings are plucked straight from the ether Rathbun boiled to make this. The sliding, shifting collisions & the aerial, time-stopping claps complete his signature style. Even the electrotrash could be its own song & be better than 93% of what AB does today. Each gunshot NR aims at Andromeda hits its target. The introtrash is plutonically anti-vernal. Rousing & perfect.
Too perfect. It outdoes the main tune by a long shot. This chief header is less repetitive, but it heats with none of the darkness the introtrash does. The main attraction does not even match up to the throwaway lead-in. Sad! Unlike this tune. All it can do is blandly blast sound into a void as blank & inhuman as itself. Wayfarers mainline is a partcular kind of soul-sucking parasite. With every rotation, it bores deeper & deeper until it actively enrages. Whereas malaria can give you muscle spasms so bad you bite your own tongue off, Wayfarers middle can take out your kidneys too.
So stop two minutes in, like Nathaniel should have.