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26 June 2006

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
White (Original Mix) Smith & Pledger 138 G# major 7:38
Black (Original Mix) Smith & Pledger 138 C# minor 7:47

Oliver Smith & Mark Pledger's final collaboration is a hastily written letter of an acrimonious divorce.

White (Original Mix)

This is uplifting trance, which tends to be hypocritical in se, & does not stray from that inherency. White is of a unique concept, as was usual for these two.
This unfortunate inclusion in Volume 4 is one of their experiments with styles outside of even Anjunabeats' creative inveterate concepts & methods.

Black (Original Mix)

Which cannot be said of this. There is no lauding that can be given: the tune, misguidedly spread out (White should have been decentralised), is lackadaisical, & putridly languid. It is strange that this EP was given an antithetical name, since these two are very similar.