With You

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18 March 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
With You (Original Mix) Electrobios & Interplay 126 D minor 6:39
With You (Jaytech Remix) Electrobios & Interplay 126 D major 6:56

Possessing the most generic title & tune on Anjunadeep, With You is the beginning of the Anjunadeep 01 nadir.

With You (Original Mix)

This infrahuman drivel tragically poisons the first volume. The gall that it took to include this in AD 01 is tragic.

With You (Jaytech Remix)

Some madman decided that this needed to be remixed. It exacerbated. A master of masters, Jaytech, wasted his time on this. He ostensibly wasn't paying attention when he did, because it's barely different. He just ran it through his own stylistic filters. He clearly had more important things on his mind, such as his imminent debut album.
Fortunately, everyone involved went on to do much better things. Together.