Won't Sleep Tonight

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Paragon of exemplars.


20 November 2006

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Won't Sleep Tonight (Original Mix) Super8 & Tab 134 G# minor 8:49
Won't Sleep Tonight (Moody Mix) Super8 & Tab 134 G# minor 8:05

There are some unbelievable things about this.

  1. There are no remixes.
  2. This was made in 2006.
  3. Yes. It is that good.

Won't Sleep Tonight (Moody Mix)

This is identical to the OM, so don't worry.
This is a superhuman feat. It's no wonder that it took two messiahs to produce this. Perhaps it was too hot to remix. So hot, even they couldn't.
Won't Sleep Tonight is the solitary necessary reason for humankind's superiority.
Ben Lost's vocals elevate this to another level altogether. Every part of this is from a heaven so infinitely orgastic, that no person or religion could ever have conceived of it. This is three tunes confederated, excluding the vocals: the bassline, the synth, & a chordophone that appears in the climax. & they syncretise in an elysian way unseen anywhere else.
Won't Sleep Tonight sounds surprisingly modern. I guessed 2011 when I first heard it. Super8 & Tab should be proud of this, the most deiform song in history.