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2 October 2011

Mix Act
You Got To Go (Original Mix) Above & Beyond
You Got To Go (Above & Beyond Club Mix) Above & Beyond
You Got To Go (Kyau & Albert Remix) Above & Beyond
You Got To Go (Kyau & Albert vs Above & Beyond Remix) Above & Beyond
You Got To Go (MJ Cole Remix) Above & Beyond
You Got To Go (Dusky Remix) Above & Beyond
You Got To Go (Seven Lions Remix) Above & Beyond

You Got To Go (Extended Mix)

You got to go above & beyond everything to succeed, & they did that with this frozen firestorm of violins & Johnston, a swirling spectrum of relaxed performance & erethist tune. ZJ hit her heights here with her vocal shift at 3:29- if it is real, then she is too.
The fifteen second taste of the chordophones is a quiet lavafall, the scent alone burning the mouth. Holes in the throat come from the climax & its violin neurobatics before & after. The glacierfall particularly captures this faultless quake.

You Got To Go (Music Video)[1]

The new music video for the song draws on its optimistic lyrics about seizing the moment and realising your dreams. By jumping off a cliff, into "thoroughly researched and carefully supervised" water. Anyway, they self-inserted in less than a minute this time. Again, if you don't know who they are, it'll be confusing instead of hilarious. The travellers rudely take the tomato sauce, leaving Jono Grant to comedy cemetarily do nothing while McGuinness smiles like he spit in it. A cliff-jump is the only other mentionable thing here, & it's mostly cut out. With music videos like these, the medium itself begs for the guillotine.
Other videos directed by the "prodigious Nathan Camponi" are:[2][3][4] He's described like he's the new pre-2000 Tim Burton, but anyone could have done this better.
This behind-the-scenes[5] video exchanged time with advertising for a shop. The director explains his interpretation of his complex, inenubilable skill: the "bunch of kids go on this roadtrip", which we never could have guessed. "The whole thing is about friendship", the auteur reveals about the human condition. "We'll capture a real road trip as it happens", except mine don't have millionaires. TG explains: "With Group Therapy, [the videos] tell... at least the sentiment of the song. & You Got To Go is about assessing all these things that you could do, & actually taking action to do them." Thankfully, they shaved his disaster off before shooting. "You're gonna see some reaction from us" Jono pledges, right before his face did nothing. "We're gonna have to become actors for a moment as well!" Surprisingly, they did not get the attention of the Academy,[6] because they're black. Paavo asserts "You got to make it happen, so hopefully the video captures that very well." That's right! No-one else will push you off a cliff, you have to make that happen. "Looking at the video, people can hopefully be inspired to do the same for themselves," into carefully supervised water. Cor blimey.

You Got To Go (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

First, the slog. After the intro & the OM snippet, more trash awaits. Then the OM violism replays, & we hear something irrelevant to the OM. Or, we are melted by the transgalactic quantum vulcanics. The trinary of black holes is the 4-4-8 to a fate better than life, the way music should be: louder than whales, simplified beyond belief, & impacting like Sudbury.[7]

You Got To Go (Kyau & Albert Remix)

To me, there is no such thing as a good chillout mix. If there's a good tune, I'm not sleeping. So their remix where they simplify it to all the Jain hells, pump up the volume to Jain heavens, & blare it so loud, the Earth is your speaker. Good gnod, this sounds appealing. But this isn't. This tune is unchanged from the OM, with the timing, notes, & bars intact. Conversion is useless & time-wasting.

You Got To Go (A&B vs. K&A Mashup)

Pairing the CM with Kyauesque klaks was lazy & did nothing. It's pathetic how so few of their music videos actually have the OM, & just use a remix instead. This one isn't even split halfway- it's the K&A with a pinch of CM. Illaudable.

You Got To Go (MJ Cole Remix)

Cole's caligine emphasised the drastic violin, a choice choice. Now it whines pleasingly, putting the 'pyre' in 'vampire squid', though it fizzles in the force of the CM. Not so "legendary" after all, unless you mean of mythical power.

You Got To Go (Dusky Remix)

The swift snap into Dusky ruined Solarity. This seven-minute melophobia has less talent than the geckos banging their heads on my windows. Dreamless sleep trails off into a boring distance. Take something, take anything to wake out of this drudge.

You Got To Go (Seven Lions Remix)

Such as this.
One free career is a fitting reward for this debut, picked from a remix competition. Trancestep is him, & it hyperscends. This rare hybrid is an unexplored planet of animals, plants, fungi, fossils, & rocks begging to be seen. Our one Armstrong is 7L, who misleadingly tweaks the OM for a while, then shredding our lungs & brains through his empyreal water, hydrofluoric to the soul, the first of many shattering rams to the heart starting at 1:49 simplist, overblown, & ballistic, the way it should be. His new tune here causts hard with his second part, another staple of Jeff's, a pattern developing, the last-half-climax-blowout-without-light. The Book of Neurogenesis zeniths with the bass taking the synth's place at the end, ushering in a new age of Montalvo.

You Got To Go (Johan Malmgren Remix)[8]

This unreleased entry to the remix comp falls apart after two minutes, but up to that point, it's pleasing enough to release, if not to rehear.